• Making the campaign for the suicide issue, collaborating with CALM which is one of the leading organization to prevent suicide in the UK. 

My roles

  • Site content structure: sitemap and wireframing
  • Visual creation: Visual Identity, Visual Guideline, Website design
  • Responsive website, HTML, CSS and Javascript

Why men’s mental issue?

Males working in the lowest-skilled occupations had a 44% higher risk of suicide than the male national average; the risk among males in skilled trades was 35% higher.

01 Research stage | Discovering who our audience are

Taking a one on one interview with a person who had a mental issue and had a survey regarding the experience of the mental issue. Here are some useful words from the person:

“Websites help you find a community of people going through the same situation as yourself, and you can form relationships”

“You know, a question and answer section would be very useful”

“You would expect the site to include all the information you need such as contact details of organizations and experts that you can contact”

02 Content planning | Information architecture

Based on the research collected from analysing competitor sites, we found the inclusion of a lot of information and resources is what attracts our target audience, as it proves to be most helpful for those suffering from depression and also those aiming to spot suicidal tendencies in a loved one.

03 Prototyping | Wireframe

As the site structure seems to be heavily text driven, we organised the information as simple as possible in order for viewer to find any necessary info. As a result, the design follows its complexity of the information so the design become very plain style. 


04 Visual design | Visual Identity

Visualizing and implementing the design was the next step for OPEN campaign. Informations gathered from analysing our competitors told us that calm tones and a conservative style was best suited for a campaign preventing suicidal tendencies, so we decided that the colours Blue and White would best suit our campaign. Also, we tried to make our web design as creative as possible within the conservative topic, so we carefully choose the typography to be friendly yet conservative.

05 Creating the website

The site is a responsive website so that audiences can access the website with different type of devices. According to Google analytics which I implemented on the website, more than half user visited the site through a mobile device, so responsiveness was necessary for the campaign as the target audience always carry the mobile.

[Language] HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MailChimp API and Google Analytics