• Making own digital agency (fake) and the website for our campaign preventing suicide in the UK.

  • Motivating whole team members to engage with the projects

  • Making the site to find the information easily and simply but good impression through the visual design.

My Roles

  • Logo Naming, Logo design and visual guide.

  • Managing whole website contents

  • Wire framing, GUI, Implement with HTML, CSS and Javascript (Responsive design)

01 Logo Design

As the agency aims to work for the charity organization which relates to suicidal prevention, the name should be meaningful for working with the NPO, so we chose Nest as our agency name. Nest represents that we support society’s issue as a safety net.

02 Prototyping | Draft Design

During a developing design stage, I made a draft web design. The website attempts to engage with its views more closely, so the whole member’s image was chosen on the front page.  Also, this agency site is connected to social campaign OPEN (you can check OPEN campaign from here) which supports suicidal issue in the UK, so I attempted to make the visual image alongside supporting copy such as “Our aim is to make our society better”.

[Design tools] Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop

03 Visualising the design

Following the draft design, I created parallax scroll-based website which supports responsive design. I also implemented individual’s comments and pictures in order to show its viewer “who we are” more clearly which could make more trustworthy.