Project aim

The exhibition BA 2119: Flight of the Future, puts forward imaginative ideas that explore how future generations will circumvent the globe, taking into consideration advanced jet propulsion, hyper personalisation, automation, AI, modular transport, sustainability, health and entertainment. 

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Methods we applied


  • Future Senario workshop with Foresight Company.
  • User Interview at Heathrow 
  • Client workshop and factory visit 



  • Prototyping 
  • Future User Journey 
  • Speculative Design

01 Research | Discovery

We started from a future vision, what would be probable and what would be desirable and what would be unlikely in the future. We worked with Foresight to think the future senario in depth, and considered time span from 3-5 years to 100 years. After the workshop, we visited British Airways to understand how each stage are operated within the organisation. 

01-01 User research | Understanding what current flight experiences

Key Findings 
  • Global issues such as food waste, air-pollution would be getting more serious issue in the future.
  • The food waste is huge issue in the aviation industry due to heavy safety regulation. 
  • User is not satisfied with the current flight experiences and the user try to find own way to kill the time such as sleeping, listening music.

02 Define

  • Focus on improving food experience in the future and use Food as “Medium” to adjust cultural gap or physical adjustment.
  • Persona making to identify who is our main user in the future 

Future User Journey

Three Different Consideration 
  • Improving user’s experience which will be more hyper personalised based on personal data, and to do so 3D printing will enable BA to create personal food.
  • From Business aspect, the aviation industry still rely on manual operation for making food. 3D print won’t require many pre-cooking which would save business profit and increase food safety too.
  • From global scale, our service will decrease food waste to zero level, decrease the weight of flight to reduse the use of fuel. And it would save the environment while saving business expenses too.  

03 Development | Prototyping

While we were doing presentation for British Airways and guest tutors, we made prototype how people reacts for unusual shape and texture food. And we realised that food is very strong connection with people’s mind regardless present or future. 

We made speculative image how we could collect personal data in the future, and how people feel about it.  

04 Delivery

We decided to make 4 plates design based on different location and taste, Mexico, China, UK and Campaign. And We tried to fit its design into plinth size regulated by exhibition organiser. As a result, we made bent tube standing for 3D printing nozzle.