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Project Brief

How might we solve the world’s wicked problem by combining creativities, design thinking approach and CERN’s advanced technologies?

We as the RCA school of Design are seeking to generate innovative approaches that exploit the most exciting technologies from CERN and beyond. This is collaborative grand challenge for the global issues, such as climate change, poverty and sustainability,  we will work with CERN’s innovation hub IdeaSquare to apply design thinking and creative techniques to create concepts that should inspire the world’s most innovative businesses and governments to deliver truly impactful solutions.

Project's main contribution

  • UI Design: Mobile UI design
  • Visual Design: Documentation | Caracter Design

SECOND CHANCE | How the App works

A team have travelled from 2080 to 2019 to save earth from climate change. You need to raise awareness, gain funding & explore way of reducing the effect of the climate change. You should make big sphere of influence to make big money, tacking the big issues, then sustain healthier earth.

SECOND CHANCE is an educational App that enables players to think about environments around them through interactive fun activities. The game functions includes reducing home energy usage by using smart home technology which the player can contribute the global issue from micro level. The game gives small activities constantly which nudge player’s daily action, and it is carefully structured between the tasks and fun elements which is very important part of the game. You can choose couple of players: Scientist, super kid, doctor and teacher to tackle climate change though own perspectives and approaches. 



Understanding context of global issues

We started doing research to understand the current environmental issues. The facts showed us more serious situation than we expected such as plastic pollution and deforestation and it would cause huge problem in the future.

After the desk research and mapping the issue area, we conducted first user survey to understand how people recognise the issues. We found out that even though people, including young generation are very much aware the global issues and are worried about the consequences, people have no idea how to tackle the issue as individuals and have no idea how to start to do it in their daily life. This was big take-away for us that there is huge gap between people’s interest and people’s behaviour that we need to design to change small behaviour. 

One of our aim was to improve “Educational Disparity” in the global context which make huge gaps around young generation which tend to be based on locations, cultural and financial reason. Also we found out from research that environmental education could make better students and society. And due to the serious topics, the survey and research paper showed that although people know basic knowledge from news sources, people can’t think beyond the surface due to its complexity. From these findings, we decided to focus on how to teach the next generation about the environmental issue and how to provide the teaching to young generation in need.

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Understanding context of global issues





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The game encourages use to interact with real activities such as light at home, air-conditioner’s temperature in order to change their behaviour from small actions. Due to technological feasibility such as smart home and multiple censors, we and CERN can use the current technologies to implement into the game’s functionality.  

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