Second Chance Share.013

Project aim

We as the RCA school of Design are seeking to generate innovative approaches that exploit the most exciting technologies from CERN and beyond. We will work with CERN’s innovation hub IdeaSquare to apply design thinking and creative techniques to create concepts that can inspire the world’s most innovative businesses and governments to deliver truly impactful solutions.

Tools and methods we applied


Desk Research / Technological future trend research 


SWOT analysis  


Ideation workshop / Prototyping workshop / Stakeholder map 


Presentation / Service Video / Exhibition at RCA


01 Research | Discovery

We started doing research to understand the current behaviors of environmental issue. We found out that there is a concern among young generation for the issue. However, they haven’t received proper way how to tackle the issue around its daily consumption. And we also found that education is the most efficient way to educate the next generation.

02 Define

We focused on education and found that gamification is a new way to convey serious society’s issue to young generation. And also there is fewer platforms to provide fun and educational purpose at the same time, so our concept focused to create new value within the market alongside CERN’s knowledge and technologies. 

03 Design

The game encourages use to interact with real activities such as light at home, air-conditioner’s temperature in order to change their behaviour from small actions. Due to technological feasibility such as smart home and multiple censors, we and CERN can use the current technologies to implement into the game’s functionality.  

04 Deliver

Second Chance was displayed/ exhibited at Royal College of Arts during Progress Show 2018.