• Giving more seamless experiences for exploring art exhibition information through desktop and mobile app
  • To make Londoners to go museum more by using this app

Main Contribution

  • Visual Design Logo Design | visual identity
  • UI Design Site architecture | Wireframing | GUI


ArTraveller focuses on the young audience group (aged 20 – 35), and addording to an initial research, they are very much mobile generation but still accessing information like mesuem’s information through laptop.

I designed more friendly style compared to common elegant design because some user feel meseum’s website looks too elegant so that it would discourage some audience group to go. From the unique feedback, the design kept casual but visually attractive.


02 Information Architecture | Wireframing

According to my research, there is not enough review site regarding gallery’s atmosphere and exhibition’s reviews from user not media so I thought it would good to add a reviewing system. The system will engage with audiences more and give trustworthy information.

As the web contents tend to be text-based, the information should be organized and I should make the information architecture as readable as possible.

Interactive Prototype is available to see here (AdobeXD):