Project aim

In the digital era, the BBC finds itself competing for people’s attention against the power of hugely wealthy global corporations. With only modest budgets, the BBC needs to remain visible, relevant and loved by audiences.

A particular challenge at the moment is that of competing for the attention of younger people aged 16 – 34. There has been a noticeable drop-off in the size of this audience over the last few years. The BBC knows that its connection to this group is vital for the future.

One approach to this challenge is to provide new forms of value that are outside the remit of commercial operators: distinct new services, that will both fulfil the BBC’s public service mission, and gain the attention of audiences.

Tools and methods we applied


Desk Research / Interview / User segmentation / Persona making / User Journey Map / Stakeholder workshop / Offline survey


SWOT analysis  / Insight synthesis / HMW statement 


Crazy 8 (Ideation) / Design hackathon / Ideation workshop / Prototyping workshop / Service Blueprint / Value chain 


Presentation / Service Video / Service proposition report / Mock-up 

BBSee | Service Introduction video

BBSee | How the service works

01 Research | Discovery

We started our project by doing research to understand the current behaviors of news consumption among young people. We found out that there is a greater portion of young people prefer to consume news on social media nowadays. However, credible fake news stories can be spread very quickly on social media and most of the false news are believable and not easy to spot. business

01-01 User research | What user think News and BBC

Key Findings 
  • BBC’s inpartial position is very strong
  • Most of young audience check news everyday 
  • Fakenews is big issue
  • Personal data is important for meida

01-02 Understanding the insight in depth after taking user interview

After the user interview, we noticed that user’s media consumption habit seems to be bit narrow which we call it “fliter bubble”. And due to complexity of current news environment such as fake news and one political view, we believe Critical Thinking become more important and discussion skills.

02 Define

  • Define the specific problem for young audiences 
  • Persona making to identify who is our main user 
  • HMW statement 

03 Ideation

  • Ideation – making before, during, after user experiences with our new service 
  • Validation – User test with prototype how it works  

04 Delivery | Business Strategy

  • Ideation – making before, during, after user experiences with our new service 
  • Validation – User test with prototype how it works